AAPP Release History

Release History for AAPP

Release history for AAPP v8

DateVersionModules affectedFeature
12/08/20208.6Core AAPP, 35 files.- DBNet station updates
- Allow for some specific characteristics of Metop and JPSS data
- Bug fixes
05/12/20198.5Core AAPP, 49 files.- Portability fix (Ubuntu).
- AMSU and MHS calibration limits updates and allow for degrading channels.
- Allow for recent changes to GFS GRIB files.
- More support for existing level 1d BUFR sequences in the ecCodes-based encoder.
- Improve interpolation of relative azimuth angles for AVHRR l1c.h5
- Bug fixes
29/04/20198.4Core AAPP, 270 files.- Metop-C updates for AVHRR and MHS
- BUFR encode/decode updates
- CrIS SDR to BUFR with clusters and cloud mask
- Quick-look display tool for sounders
- FY-3D HIRAS support
- Tools to convert l1c.h5 back to l1c
- Portability updates
19/11/20188.3Core AAPP, 310 files. The MAIA4 thresholds file is also updated and should be downoaded separately.- Support Metop-C
- Add VIIRS cluster analysis when mapping VIIRS to CrIS
- Provisional support for FY-3D
10/05/20188.2Core AAPP, 39 files- Support for new BUFR sequences for VASS (FY-3 sounders).
- Update the ATMS file that contains channel characteristics.
- Allow for missing time values in ATMS SDR files and BUFR files.
- Bug fixes for NOAA-20 ATMS/CrIS BUFR encode/decode
- Bug fix for hdf5 encoding of IASI '.lpc' files.
- Option to run MAIA_RUN_AVHRR as part of the IASI processing in the AAPP_RUN_METOP script.
26/02/2018OPS-LRS V8-0New release of OPS-LRS. Incorporates the latest version of OPS from CNES, and addresses 2 issues that are listed on the AAPP "bugs" page. No change to the scientific content.
26/01/20188.1This is a new major release of AAPP. The main changes are: (i) replacement of old versions of the MAIA cloud mask: MAIA4 is now used for both AVHRR and VIIRS; (ii) addition of interfaces to ecCodes, ECMWF’s new BUFR/GRIB software library; (iii) Support for JPSS-1 (NOAA-20). Most of the other functions are backward-compatible with AAPP v7.

Release history for earlier releases of AAPP

DateVersionModules affectedFeature
23/02/20177.1551 files1) Upgrade VIIRS cloud mask to MAIA v4.4 with enhancements for the CloudMaskQuality field (bit 3/4 of the CloudMask dataset) and a better detection of clouds over cold seas
2) Add AAPP version number to l1c BUFR files, also the CSPP version number for ATMS and CrIS
3) Change the method of including NEDT in ATOVS BUFR files - following WMO IPET-DRMM recommendations
21/11/20167.14101 files1) Upgrade VIIRS cloud mask to MAIA v4.3
2) AMSU-A calibration updates
3) New tools, resulting from user requests
14/07/20167.1333 files1) Update MWRI BUFR encoding
2) Support CrIS full-spectral resolution SDR data
3) AVHRR geographical subsetting tools (user request)
4) Ability to retrieve TLEs from more than 1 web site
5) Bug fixes
26/02/20167.1232 files1) Option to produce AVHRR .h5 files with full geolocation instead of tie points.
2) Compute NEdT for AVHRR and include in .h5 output.
3) Corrections to processing of NOAA/CLASS AVHRR 1b data.
4) Improve handling of bad packet counters in Metop AHRPT.
5) Extend tool mwri_sdr to support FY-3A/3B MWRI.
6) Bug fix in ATMS/CrIS SDR decoding (time stamps at midnight).
26/11/20157.1199 files1) Additional l1c to hdf5 convertors.
2) For AMSU, MHS, HIRS, compute NEDT as part of atovin, and add BUFR option.
3) AMSU-A calibration update (NOAA-18).
4) Correction to the FY-3 BUFR sequence.
5) Support NOAA-9 and NOAA-10 AVHRR.
6) Bug fixes and portability fixes.
12/07/20157.1021 files1) Addition of VIIRS to CrIS mapping.
2) Update to the CrIS SDR reader to get surface height and type.
3) Bug fix in Metop AHRPT processing (occasional passes were not fully processed).
4) Bug fixes in MAIA4.
5) Correct typos in the hdf5 encoders.
12/07/2015OPS-LRS V7-0+p1299 filesTo add the latest updates from CNES. The changes are to do with error handling, there is no change to the level 1c radiances. This update is optional for existing OPS-LRS users.
24/02/20157.968 files1) Calibration update for Metop-B and NOAA-18 AMSU-A.
2) MAIA version 4.2. This is the cloud mask for VIIRS. Includes the ability to use GFS forecast files as model background.
3) Correction for re-processing NOAA-6&7 and TIROS-N data.
4) Corrections to the hdf5 conversion tools.
05/12/20147.899 files1) A tool to convert all the AAPP l1c and l1d formats, and AVHRR l1b, to hdf5.
2) BUFR encoding for FY-3 MWRI (based on the existing MWTS, MWHS and IRAS tool).
3) Metop-A AMSU-A calibration update for channel 8.
4) Improve handling of historic data.
27/08/20147.7103 files1) Tools to process FY-3C sounder data, including decoding of the CMA hdf5 files, spatial averaging for the microwave sounders, re-mapping and BUFR encoding.
2) Add the new IASI 500 channel selection, which will be used by EUMETSAT (in EARS-IASI and GTS global feed) from September 2014.
3) NOAA-15 AMSU-A calibration update, allowing for antenna position sensor degradation.
24/02/20147.664 files1) Use a 0.01 degree land/sea atlas for MAIA4 (previously 0.02 deg) and correct inconsistency in the cloud mask definition.
2) Add tools for working with NOAA/CLASS data (current and historic).
3) Allow for format change in EUMETSAT-processed AVHRR 1B (PFS format).
4) AMSU-A calibration updates for NOAA-15 and Metop-A.
5) Improvements to handling of IASI reconstructed radiances.
13/09/2013OPS-LRS V7-0Source codeNew version of IASI level 1 processor. See AAPP Forum announcement
1) Compatible with the latest IASI configuration files (BRD, GRD).
2) Fixes an array out of bounds error which caused processing of some passes to fail.
3) Some improvements related to running with AVHRR navigation.
4) Fixes other minor anomalies raised since V6-0.
16/07/20137.5181 files1) Addition of MAIA v4 for generating cloud mask for VIIRS.
2) Change file names of MAIA v3 data files, for improved portability.
3) Addition of HDF5 decode and BUFR encode/decode facility for IRAS instrument on FY-3.
4) Updates to Metop-B AMSU and AVHRR calibration files.
5) Allow for degradation of NOAA-15 AMSU-A.
6) Add optional environment variables (see Release Note).
14/12/20127.415 files1) Updates for Metop-B (as posted on the AAPP Forum).
2) Updated MAIA2.1 thresholds files for Metop-B.
3) Reject lunar-contaminated ATMS scans (at level 1d).
4) Tools for working with Multi Mission Administration Messages.
5) Bug fixes (in processing CrIS and FY-3B MWTS/MWHS) and portability fix.
10/10/20127.372 files
(including data files)
1) Fix IASI "lpc" format to make the PC scores 32-bit integers instead of 16-bit. This is required for the EARS-IASI service.
2) Add BUFR encode/decode facility for the MWTS and MWHS instruments on FY-3A/B.
3) Allow NPP orbit number to be specified by user when ingesting ATMS/CrIS HDF5 files.
4) Update Metop-B international designator and MAIA3 thresholds files.
5) Allow use of new space-track web interface for TLEs.
6) Portability fixes and other minor changes.
27/07/2012OPS-LRS V6-0+p12Source codeUpdates to IASI level 1 processor.
1) Incorporates the "patch 2" updates from CNES/EUMETSAT. This includes correction for loss of IASI data for AVHRR day/night changes.
2) The default orbital bulletin is set to 2-line elements (TLE), since the "SPOT" bulletins that were previously used as default will not be included in the new Multi Mission Administration Message from EUMETSAT.
3) Update the Linux-Intel configuration file according to the settings used at the Met Office.
27/07/20127.246 files1) ATMS pre-processing updates
2) Tools to process the new Multi-Mission Administration Message (MMAM)
3) Add data files for Metop-B
4) NOAA-18 AMSU-A calibration update
5) Allow user to over-ride the default input file names in atovin and atovpp
02/03/20127.1AllFirst release of AAPP version 7. The main change is to add support for the ATMS and CrIS sounders on the NPP satellite.
Date Version Modules affected Feature
09/11/2011 OPS-LRS V6-0+p1 Source code Updates to IASI level 1 processor from CNES. This release improves the commonality between OPS-LRS and the OPS used within the EPS Core Ground Segment. IASI auxiliary files must be in Big Endian format (as delivered by EUMETSAT).
16/06/2011 6.15 32 files 1) Calibration updates for NOAA-15 and NOAA-19 AMSU-A
2) Fix navigation of EARS-AVHRR processing when there is a data gap
3) Allow atovpp surface test to proceed without AMSU-B
4) Increase number of IASI PCs to 300, following EUMETSAT recommendations
5) Bug fix in BUFR decode of IASI PC product
11/11/2010 6.14 12 files 1) Updates to IASI PC processing, following start of trial EUMETCast dissemination of PC-compressed data, and in preparation for EARS-IASI
2) Update URL of NOAA web site for AVHRR calibration
3) Fix problem in which decom-avhrr-metop can enter infinite loop if OBT-UTC step is zero
4) Fix AMSU-A processing when MHS is in fault mode (NOAA satellites)
5) In the combine_1c tool, allow for the case when boundary between successive files occurs at midnight
6) Correct error of up to 300ms in IASI time stamps from OPS-LRS
17/06/2010 6.13 32 files 1) Allow for degradations in NOAA-19 AMSU and MetOp AMSU
2) Ensure that missing BTs are never used in re-mapping
3) Enhancements to work with the cloud mask
4) Tool to clean up 1c files extracted from ECMWF archive
5) Portability fixes and bug fixes
25/02/2010 OPS-LRS V5-0+p12 all This is referred to as the “day-2” OPS-LRS
1) Level 1c format expanded to allow space for cloud and surface variables
2) Support for alternative FFT libraries (FFTPACK, Numerical Recipes, ESSL)
3) A non-zero default optical axis position, to give improved global-local consistency.
25/02/2010 6.12 all 1) Routine updates for MetOp, NOAA-15, NOAA-16 and NOAA-17
2) Support for new format libraries associated with “Day 2” OPS-LRS
3) Support new BUFR sequences 3-40-007 and 3-40-008 for IASI
4) Support IASI Principal Components compression, for EARS-IASI
5) Support TOVS/ATOVS data archived at ECMWF
6) New MAIA package to generate a full-resolution AVHRR cloud mask.
23/10/2009 6.11 9 files 1) Routine updates to AMSU calibration parameters for NOAA-15 and 16
2) Allow for recent degradations in NOAA-19 MHS
3) Option for HIRS calibration to be skipped – e.g. for NOAA-15
4) Additional decommutation tool for “packed” HRPT files
5) Minor bug fixes
07/07/2009 OPS-LRS V4-2 Source code Updates to IASI level 1 processor from CNES.
23/06/2009 6.10 mhs_clparams.dat, fdf.dat Updated antenna pattern for NOAA-19 MHS.
28/04/2009 6.9 10 files 1) Update to NOAA-19 values
2) NOAA-16 AMSU-B gross limits update
3) New tool to retrieve AVHRR visible calibration from NOAA web site
27/01/2009 6.8 33 files 1) Support for NOAA-19
2) Improvements to the IASI thinning and cloud tests
3) Miscellaneous bug fixes and updates
07/10/2008 OPS-LRS V4-0-p123 Source code Updates to IASI level 1 processor from CNES.
01/07/2008 6.7 18 files and Installation Guide 1) Updated calibration parameters gross limits
2) Standardisation of data subtype identification in BUFR encoding
3) Better handling of orbital manoeuvres
07/02/2008 OPS-LRS V4-0 Source code Latest version of IASI level 1 processor from CNES.
07/02/2008 6.6 various (55 files) 1) New IASI eigenvectors
2) FY-1D imager capability
3) Increase limit on number of AVHRR scan lines
4) Miscellaneous corrections, e.g. BUFR encoding
20/09/2007 6.5 various (25 files) 1) AMSU-A, MHS and AMSU-A calibration file updates
2) Minor corrections to BUFR encode/decode routines
3) Accommodate global NOAA-18 data distributed by EUMETSAT
22/05/2007 OPS-LRS V3-6-p23456 Source code, User Manual and new test case Latest version of IASI level 1 processor, validated with post-launch IASI data.
22/05/2007 6.4 various (68 files) 1) To support the latest version of the IASI level 1 processor OPS-LRS
2) Improvements to the processing of IASI global and local data within atovpp
3) MetOp calibration parameters update
4) Routine NOAA-15 and NOAA-16 AMSU-B calibration update
5) Improve robustness of HIRS calibration where HRPT signal is noisy
6) Miscellaneous corrections and additions.
01/02/2007 6.3 various (52 files) 1) Further modifications necessary to process METOP local and global data
2) Updates for NOAA satellites, including coefficient update to allow for increased noise on NOAA-16 channel 4
3) Tool to convert AVHRR EPS level 1b format to a format compatible with AAPP level 1b.
08/12/2006 OPS-LRS V3-6-p2 Source code Updated IASI level 1 processor from CNES.
10/11/2006 6.2 various (33 files) 1) Bug fixes and modifications necessary to process METOP data
2) Fix problems in which some NOAA passes were not processed successfully
3) New tool to apply/remove antenna corrections at level 1c.
12/10/2006 6.1 and OPS-LRS V3-5-p12 All Version 6 issued by NWP-SAF. Includes METOP capability, IASI preprocessing, BUFR encode/decode, updated build system and directory layout and updated documentation. IASI level 1 processor (OPS-LRS) is available on request as an optional component of AAPP
31/01/06 5.3 15 Fortran files, 1 data file (avhcal.txt) and 1 config file (linux.cf) Supercedes update 5.2. The update includes the v5.2 changes, plus the following:
1) Bug fix in amb_smpmn.F (array indexing error for “sampok”)
2) Bug fix in amb_cal.F (array indexing error for “calok”)
3) Bug fix in mhs_updt.F (array indexing error for “mhs_h_nonlin”)
4) Prevent divide by zero error in mhs_iwttmp.F when data are missing
5) Check validity of MIU minor frame number in amsget.F
6) Remove multi-line comment in amb_earthcorr.F (not understood by some compilers)
7) split line exceeding 72 characters in amsout.F
8) AVHRR calibration parameters file formatting error for NOAA-18
9) Account for different MHS instrument identifier in NOAA/NESDIS MHS 1b data
10) Account for the fact that on some systems the Fortran intrinsic IFORT is signed. Affects MHS processing.
11) Set ifort compiler optimisation level to 1 in linux.cf
12) Avoid possible array overflow in ordtiid.F when HRPT data are noisy
13) Fix bug in hirscl_algoV4 which caused instrument always to be set to HIRS/4 in HIRS level 1b
09/09/05 5.2 sources/decommutation/decommutation/decommutation.F
1) Fix orbit number in filenames when using TLE
2) Correct 1 scan line MHS navigation error
3) Ignore duplicate HRPT minor frames
4) Allow 256 character HRPT file name
July 2005 5.1 All Version 5 issued on CD by NWP-SAF. Includes NOAA-N capability, navigation enhancements, updated calibration algorithms, various bug fixes and updated documentation.
03/02/05 4.5 amsub_clparams.dat Updated AMSU-B gross counts limits for NOAA-15 and 16 limits
31/08/04 4.4 various (141 files) 1) Linux compatibility
2) Improved rubustness in decommutation
3) Utility to compare output files from different platforms
4) Big/little-endian conversions
5) Processing of NOAA-17 to level 1d
6) 1d flag for fewer co-locations than expected in re-mapping AMSU-A to HIRS
02/07/04 4.3 amsub_clparams.dat Updated AMSU-B gross counts limits
13/02/04 4.2 sources/decommutation/decommutation/atovdc.F Correct intermittent 8 second error in AMSU time stamp, apparent on NOAA-16 HRPT. Related to the synchronisation between the TIP and AIP minor frames.
12/12/03 4.1 sources/decommutation/decommutation/msuhdu.F
1) Correct MSU serial number on NOAA-14 and bug in diagnostic output
2) Allow calibration of AMSU-A1 or AMSU-A2 when the other is not working (as is the case for NOAA-16)
23/10/03 4.0 All Version 4 issued on CD by EUMETSAT. Includes Fortran 90 compatibility, correction for moon in AMSU-A space view, bug fixes and revised documentation.
7/10/03 3.7 amsub_clparams_dat Updated AMSU-B gross counts limits
28/4/03 3.6 amsub_clparams_dat Updated AMSU-B gross counts limits
12/2/03 3.5 avhcal.txt, calcoef.dat and LUT.fdf Updated data files
21/10/02 3.4 avhcal.txt Correction for the misalignment of the HIRS instrument on NOAA17, corrected file avhcal.txt and updates of documentation.
9/9/02 3.3 various AAPP upgraded for processing of NOAA-17 HRPT direct read-out data.
15/10/01 3.2 ambclexit.F Bug fix
20/9/01 3.1 N/A Introduction of the possibility to get up-to-date calibration coefficient and clock error files from Meteo France’s ftp server.
Aug 2001 3.0 All Version 3 issued on CD by EUMETSAT. Integrated version of V2.0 to V2.9 including also MAIA 2.1, bug fixes and some other improvements.