Future Plans

Future Plans

We welcome suggestions for new or updated capabilities via the NWP SAF Helpdesk. We aim to release new versions of the Radiance Simulator within 6 months of each RTTOV release. At each release, RadSim is updated to work with the latest version of RTTOV and is updated to exploit new capabilities of RTTOV.

The plans outlined below may be subject to change in light of newly identified user requirements.

Nominal release schedule:
RadSim v3.0 (RTTOV v13.0) – May 2021
RadSim v3.1 (RTTOV v13.1) – April 2022
RadSim v3.2 (RTTOV v13.2) – March 2023
RadSim v4.0 (RTTOV v14.0) – September 2024
RadSim v4.1 (RTTOV v14.1) – September 2025
RadSim v4.2 (RTTOV v14.2) – September 2026
RadSim v5.0 (RTTOV v15.0) – March 2028

Developments planned or under consideration for future RadSim releases

  • Slant path calculations (not before v3.2)
  • Extend RadSim to support additional NWP inputs (this requires at least one test data file and ideally contribution from someone knowledgeable about the NWP model to help map the model fields to the RTTOV inputs)
  • Improve spatial interpolation for DWD ICON model fields