Satellite Application Facility for Numerical Weather Prediction

The Satellite Application Facility for Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP SAF) aims to improve and support the interface between satellite data/products and European activities in NWP.

The NWP SAF is one of several EUMETSAT SAFs (Satellite Application Facilities). Utilising specialist expertise from the Member States, SAFs are dedicated centres of excellence for processing satellite data and form an integral part of the distributed EUMETSAT Application Ground Segment. Further information about SAFs is available on the EUMETSAT web site.

The SAF for NWP interacts, where appropriate, with related work in other SAFs and in other EUMETSAT activities in order to enhance collaboration and to minimise duplication of effort.

Recent News and Updates

  • AAPP update 8.13 has been released - June 18, 2024
    This includes a MAIA4 update for compatibility with CSPP v4.0, routine updates to AMSU-A gross limits (as previously posted on the AAPP Forum), removal of ATOVPP checks on some failing channels and a DBNet station update. For details, see the Release History.
  • CADS update v3.2 released - February 27, 2024
    The Cloud and Aerosol Detection Software has been updated to include support for the Chinese Hyperspectral Infrared Atmospheric Sounder-2, (HIRAS-2) which is flying on FY-3E and the Infra-Red Interferometer Spectrometer (IRIS) which flew on Nimbus-4 in the early 1970s. Also, support is provided for users to exploit the VIIRS clustering data which is now provided as part of the real-time CrIS stream.
  • NRT availability monitoring update – Dec 12, 2023 - December 18, 2023
    The near-real-time data availability monitoring has been updated to provide coverage and timeliness plots based on DWD reception for the ATMS and CrIS instruments on NOAA-21. Please visit the NRT availability monitoring web pages to access the plots.
  • NWP SAF Satellite Data Assimilation Training Course - December 1, 2023
    The next NWP SAF satellite data assimilation training course will take place at ECMWF, Reading, on 11-15 March 2024. The course provides a complete overview of the usage of meteorological satellite observations in operational numerical weather prediction. It includes a series of lectures and practical sessions covering a range of topics – from fundamental theoretical concepts through to detailed practical implementations in modern state-of-the-art data assimilation systems. Registration for this course closes on Monday, 18 December 2023. More information on
  • AAPP update 8.12 has been released - October 5, 2023
    The update includes calibration updates for AMSU-A, DBNet station updates, addition of JPSS-2 and FY-3E to satid.txt and corrections to level 1d BUFR encoding for FY-3. Also some cosmetic changes due to internal migration from Subversion to Git. For details, see

For older news, see the News Archive.