Infrared Sounder Pre-processor (IRSPP)

IRSPP will be a new software package to process hyperspectral sounder data from the Infra Red Sounder (IRS) instrument on the MTG-S1 and MTG-S2 satellites (first launch in 2023).

The near-real-time dissemination stream for IRS will be in the form of netCDF-4 files containing Principal Component (PC) compressed spectra. The IRSPP package will ingest these files and convert to reconstructed radiances using sets of eigenvectors that accompany the spectra. Options will exist for choosing the channel selection, for apodising the spectra, for creating BUFR output and for conversion to alternative PC basis functions. For users who wish to use full-spectral-resolution IRS data to generate their own eigenvectors, the relevant functionality in the IASI PCA deliverable will be transferred to the new package.

The initial release of IRSPP is planned for 2021.


IRSPP Product Specification