The latest major version of each NWP SAF software package is ‘fully supported’. This includes timely responses to helpdesk enquiries from users. Where possible, it is recommended to upgrade any older versions of your software packages to the most recent version before contacting the helpdesk as it is possible that a particular issue may have already been fixed in the most recent version.

In some cases, the final release of the previous version of a software package (this specifically applies to RTTOV, currently v11.3) is also supported although it is not usually feasible to ‘backport’ functionality from more recent versions. Where a previously unidentified issue is discovered, developers may attempt to work with the reporter to remedy the problem where it is deemed necessary.

Older versions of software packages are not officially supported but code can be made available in the ‘Archived Versions’ section of the user downloads area at the discretion of the SAF. Note that registration and agreement to the current software package licence is sill required to access these files.

Getting Help

There are a number of ways to get support for NWP SAF software packages:

  1. Some packages (e.g. RTTOV, more coming soon) have FAQs. Please check that your query has not already been answered on the relevant FAQ page.
  2. Each software package has a user guide. Please check the documentation in case the answer to your query can be found there.
  3. Ask on the NWP SAF forums.
  4. Contact the helpdesk, who will pass on queries to the developers who will make contact to discuss the issue in more detail. If you are for some reason unable to login, please email where assistance can be provided.