AAPP Future Plans

Future Plans

If users would like to see specific functionality added to AAPP, please contact the Helpdesk to submit your suggestions.

Planned developments include:


JPSS-1 (NOAA-20)

AAPP v8.1 supports NOAA-20, but further testing will be carried out once data are available routinely. The payload is similar to Suomi-NPP.


As well as continued support for MWTS-2 and MWHS-2, tools will be developed for handling the hyper-spectral sounder HIRAS on FY-3D (launched November 2017)


METOP-C is scheduled for launch in late 2018.


Support will be provided for MWS, IASI-NG and METimage instruments on Metop-SG-A1, scheduled for launch in 2021.