RTTOV v13 Code Updates and Known Issues

RTTOV v13 Code Updates

Updates and bug fixes to RTTOV v13 will be published here.

Known bugs and issues

Please report any bugs you find in RTTOV using the NWP SAF Helpdesk. The official release packages for each version don’t contain the bug fixes or updates listed here under that version so you should apply any fixes provided below. Bugs/updates in earlier versions have been fixed/implemented in later versions.

17/12/2020Bug - fixedAffects: RTTOV-SCATT hydrotable generation code when different permittivity models are specified for different hydrometeors. This is an unlikely usage scenario and the bug does not affect the hydrotables available for download on the coefficients download web page, nor does it affect any RTTOV-SCATT simulations. (RTTOV v13.0 only).

Issue: incorrect array indexes mean that the water/ice permittivity models for the previous hydrometeor are used for the current hydrometeor instead of those specified by the user.

Fix: download this source file to the src/mw_scatt_coef/ directory and recompile RTTOV (a clean compilation is not necessary).