Release of new NWP SAF ERA-5 satellite monitoring

Satellite monitoring time-series using ERA-5 as the reference atmospheric state are now available on the ECMWF monitoring site, and linked from the Monitoring overview page.

Atmospheric states produced by re-analysis projects are generated using a fixed state-of-the-art NWP system applied to historical observations. As such they provide a much more suitable reference against which we can assess the quality of a satellite over its lifetime. To support users involved in climate applications, long timeseries quality statistics for satellites monitored against the ERA-5 reference have been included as an additional option to the existing operational monitoring web pages. ERA-5 replaces ERA-Interim as the primary ECMWF reanalysis product, but both will remain openly available on the ECMWF website. An expanded list of satellite sensors (compared to ERA-Interim) is provided in the new ERA-5 products. Further information can be found in the release note.