RTTOV v12 released

RTTOV v12 has been publicly released. Updates from the previous version, v11.3, include a new visible/IR multiple scattering solver, updates to visible/IR ice cloud optical properties, new IR and MW sea surface emissivity models and land surface emissivity atlases, new coefficients allowing SO2 as a variable trace gas, updated non-LTE correction, new PC-RTTOV coefficients allowing for the non-LTE correction, and the Python/C++ wrapper has been extended to support all visible/IR/MW scattering simulations. In addition all visible/IR coefficients have been regenerated using a modified training profile set with CO2, CH4 and N2O profiles allowing wider variability to cover the whole satellite era (1970-202X) and with contemporary values for the background profiles of these gases. See the RTTOV pages for more information.