NWPSAF 1D-Var v1.1 released

This is to announce the release of version 1.1 of the NWPSAF 1D-Var.
The main new capabilities of this version are:
  • Support for RTTOV v12 , enabling the most up-to-date RT capabilities (RTTOV 11.3 is also supported but older versions have now been removed).
  • Ability to use PC-RTTOV to simulate PC scores from hyperspectral sounders, for experimental use with PC score observations
  • Support for calculation and use in the 1D-Var of radiance observations as well as brightness temperatures and PC scores.
  • Enhanced output diagnostics including quality flagging in Profile.QC and optional production of Averaging Kernels and Jacobians.
  • New utility code provided to simulate observation files, in either radiance, brightness temperature, or PC Score units, for IASI. This code can be adapted for other instruments. Simulated noise is added to the observations based on provision of a diagonal R-matrix file in the standard format required for 1D-Var.
  • New utility code provided to convert observation input files from brightness temperature or radiance to principal component scores, and back again.
In addition, the code and the directory structure have been tidied up for this release. The makefile has been rewritten so that you no longer have to comment out lines, and there are no “dummy” routines. All compiled files are now in the build directory. Test scripts have been provided that run the 1D-Var in a subdirectory to remove clutter.
More information can be found on the 1D-Var pages.