AMV investigations


This section provides links to one-off or occasional investigations of specific aspects of the AMV monitoring.

(These links take you to the old NWP SAF site for now)

Investigation Details Link Study periods Added
Gap-Filling AMVs

O-B analysis and trial impacts of AMVs that bridge the gap between geostationary and polar AMVs.

report (pdf)


Oct 2015
Indian Ocean A comparison of AMVs over the Indian Ocean report (pdf) various Oct 2013
Best-fit pressure investigation Comparison of model best-fit pressure statistics produced by the Met Office and ECMWF webpage Feb/March 2010 Mar 2011
Diurnal investigation Hovmoeller statistics plots as a function of time of day webpage Feb 2009 Jun 2009
Height assignment method Standard NWP SAF AMV monitoring plots, but additionally separated by height assignment method webpage May 2008 Sep 2008