Feeds of DBNet data from GTS

Feeds of DBNet data from GTS

This page provides details on the GTS bulletin headers for DBNet data. It is based on the data files that are monitored by the NWP SAF and complements the information given in the DBNet Coding Summary linked from WMO’s DBNet web page. A separate table is given for each data provider.


This table covers the EARS-ATOVS, EARS-IASI, EARS-ATMS, EARS-CRIS and EARS-VASS services. See EUMETSAT web page

Bulletin File names
I[E,N]AX[01-02] EUMS W_XX-EUMETSAT-???,amsua,*_C_EUMS_*.bin
I[E,N]MX[01-05] EUMS W_XX-EUMETSAT-???,mhs,*_C_EUMS_*.bin
I[E,N]HX[01-05] EUMS W_XX-EUMETSAT-???,hirs,*_C_EUMS_*.bin
IEQX[01-08] EUMS W_XX-EUMETSAT-???,iasi,*_C_EUMS_*.bin
INSX[01-08] EUMS W_XX-EUMETSAT-???,atms,*_C_EUMS_*.bin
INCX[01-08] EUMS W_XX-EUMETSAT-???,cris,*_C_EUMS_*.bin
INKN[01-05] EUMS W_XX-EUMETSAT-???,mwhs,*_C_EUMS_*.bin
INTN[01-03] EUMS W_XX-EUMETSAT-???,mwts,*_C_EUMS_*.bin
ININ01 EUMS W_XX-EUMETSAT-???,iras,*_C_EUMS_*.bin
INRN[01-07] EUMS W_XX-EUMETSAT-???,mwri,*_C_EUMS_*.bin

Note: E=EPS, N=NOAA in the bulletin headers for ATOVS and IASI

Stations: ath, edm, gan, kan, kha, lan, mas, mus, nov, std, sva (some services only have a sub-set of stations)

NOAA network

This network is a partnership between NOAA and SSEC/UW/CIMSS

Bulletin File names
INA[T,X][01-02] KWBC W_us-noaa-ssec,amsua,*_C_KWBC_*.bin
INM[T,X][01-05] KWBC W_us-noaa-ssec,mhs,*_C_KWBC_*.bin
INH[T,X][01-02] KWBC W_us-noaa-ssec,hirs,*_C_KWBC_*.bin
INQ[T,X][01-08] KWBC W_us-noaa-ssec,iasi,*_C_KWBC_*.bin
INS[T,X][01-08] KWBC W_us-noaa-ssec,atms,*_C_KWBC_*.bin
INC[T,X][01-08] KWBC W_us-noaa-ssec,cris,*_C_KWBC_*.bin

Note: Area identifier “T” is currently used but may change to “X” in the future

Stations: asc, cho, dha, dhk, eas, edm, ets, gil, ham, hon, kiy, kwa, lau, lim, mad, may, mia, mon, new, pre, syo


Bulletin File names
INA[S,X][01-02] AMMC W_au-BOM-???,AMSUA,*_C_AMMC_*.bin
INM[S,X][01-05] AMMC W_au-BOM-???,MHS,*_C_AMMC_*.bin
INH[S,X][01-02] AMMC W_au-BOM-???,HIRS,*_C_AMMC_*.bin
INQ[S,X][01-08] AMMC W_au-BOM-???,IASI,*_C_AMMC_*.bin
INS[S,X][01-08] AMMC W_au-BOM-???,atms,*_C_AMMC_*.bin
INC[S,X][01-08] AMMC W_au-BOM-???,cris,*_C_AMMC_*.bin

Stations: mel (area code X), pth (X), dar (X), lea (X), csy (S), dvs (S)

New Zealand

Bulletin File names
INAS[01-99] NZGP W_nz-NIWA-gpt,AMSUA,*_C_NZGP_*.bin
INMS[01-99] NZGP W_nz-NIWA-gpt,MHS,*_C_NZGP_*.bin
INHS[01-99] NZGP W_nz-NIWA-gpt,HIRS,*_C_NZGP_*.bin

Stations: mau. Note that Lauder (lau) is currently being processed as a NOAA network station.


Bulletin File names
INA[C,S][01-02] RJTD W_jp-JMA-msc,amsua,*_C_RJTD_*.bin
INM[C,S][01-05] RJTD W_jp-JMA-msc,mhs,*_C_RJTD_*.bin
INH[C,S][01-02] RJTD W_jp-JMA-msc,hirs,*_C_RJTD_*.bin

Stations: kiy (area code C), syo (area code S)

Note: ATMS and CrIS for kiy are processed and distributed by SSEC


Bulletin File names
INAX[01-02] RKSL W_kr-KMA-jin,amsua,*_C_RKSL_*.bin
INMX[01-05] RKSL W_kr-KMA-jin,mhs,*_C_RKSL_*.bin
INHX[01-02] RKSL W_kr-KMA-jin,hirs,*_C_RKSL_*.bin
INQX[01-08] RKSL W_kr-KMA-jin,iasi,*_C_RKSL_*.bin
INSX[01-08] RKSL W_kr-KMA-jin,atms,*_C_RKSL_*.bin
INCX[01-08] RKSL W_kr-KMA-jin,cris,*_C_RKSL_*.bin

Stations: jin

Hong Kong

Bulletin File names
INAX[01-02] VHHH W_cn-HKO-hkg,AMSUA,*_C_VHHH_*.bin
INMX[01-05] VHHH W_cn-HKO-hkg,MHS,*_C_VHHH_*.bin
INHX[01-02] VHHH W_cn-HKO-hkg,HIRS,*_C_VHHH_*.bin

Stations: hkg


Bulletin File names
INAX[01-99] WSSS W_sg-NEA-sgp,AMSUA,*_C_WSSS_*.bin
INMX[01-99] WSSS W_sg-NEA-sgp,MHS,*_C_WSSS_*.bin
INHX[01-99] WSSS W_sg-NEA-sgp,HIRS,*_C_WSSS_*.bin
INQX[01-99] WSSS W_sg-NEA-sgp,IASI,*_C_WSSS_*.bin

Stations: sgp

Météo France

Bulletin File names
INAJ[01-02] LFPW W_fr-meteofrance-Toulouse,AMSUA,*pap_C_LFPW_*.bin
INMJ[01-05] LFPW W_fr-meteofrance-Toulouse,MHS,*pap_C_LFPW_*.bin
INHJ[01-02] LFPW W_fr-meteofrance-Toulouse,HIRS,*pap_C_LFPW_*.bin

Stations: pap


Bulletin File names
INAX[01-99] SBBR W_br-INPE-???,AMSUA,*_C_SBBR_*.bin
INMX[01-99] SBBR W_br-INPE-???,MHS,*_C_SBBR_*.bin
INHX[01-99] SBBR W_br-INPE-???,HIRS,*_C_SBBR_*.bin
INQ[S,X][01-08] SBBR W_br-INPE-???,IASI,*_C_SBBR_*.bin
INS[S,X][01-08] SBBR W_br-INPE-???,ATMS,*_C_SBBR_*.bin
INC[S,X][01-08] SBBR W_br-INPE-???,CRIS,*_C_SBBR_*.bin

Stations: cba, cpt, inm, sbl.

Area code S is intended to be used for cpt, for IASI, ATMS, CrIS, but the bulletins are not currently being received: under investigation.


Bulletin File names (NOAA POES) File names (Metop)
INA[S,I][01-99] SABM W_ar-conae-???,amsua,*_C_SABM_*.bin W_ar-conae-???,AMSUA,*_C_SABM_*.bin
INM[S,I][01-99] SABM W_ar-conae-???,mhs,*_C_SABM_*.bin W_ar-conae-???,MHS,*_C_SABM_*.bin
INH[S,I][01-99] SABM W_ar-conae-???,hirs,*_C_SABM_*.bin W_ar-conae-???,HIRS,*_C_SABM_*.bin
INQ[S,I][01-99] SABM W_ar-conae-???,IASI,*_C_SABM_*.bin

Stations: etc (area code I), ebm (area code S).

INQS bulletins (IASI from ebm) are not currently available but are listed in case they becomes available in future.

The data from a station in Chile, ets, are now being processed as part of the NOAA network.

Africa (not yet operational)

Bulletin File names
INAX[01-02] SABM W_[ZA,NE,GA,KE]-?????-???,amsua,*_C_FAPR_*.bin
INMX[01-05] SABM W_[ZA,NE,GA,KE]-?????-???,mhs,*_C_FAPR_*.bin
INHX[01-02] SABM W_[ZA,NE,GA,KE]-?????-???,hirs,*_C_FAPR_*.bin
INQX[01-08] SABM W_[ZA,NE,GA,KE]-?????-???,iasi,*_C_FAPR_*.bin
INSX[01-08] SABM W_[ZA,NE,GA,KE]-?????-???,atms,*_C_FAPR_*.bin
INCX[01-08] SABM W_[ZA,NE,GA,KE]-?????-???,cris,*_C_FAPR_*.bin

Stations: hbk (South Africa), nim (Niger), lbv (Gabon), nbo (Kenya)

Table of station codes

This table links centre/subcentre codes to station identifier. Taken from the AAPP script prepare_dbnet_bufr_for_gts. It includes some planned stations and some that are not currently active.

Centre_subcentre Originator CCCC station abbreviation
28_10 in-IMD-del DEMS del
28_20 in-IMD-guw DEMS guw
28_30 in-IMD-che DEMS che
34_240 jp-jma-msc RJTD kiy
34_207 jp-jma-msc RJTD syo
39_225 cn-cma-pek BAWX pek
40_245 kr-kma-jin RKSL jin
110_229 cn-hko-hkg VHHH hkg
2_201 au-BOM-mel AMMC csy
2_203 au-BOM-mel AMMC dvs
2_211 au-BOM-mel AMMC mel
2_214 au-BOM-mel AMMC dar
2_216 au-BOM-mel AMMC lea
2_217 au-BOM-mel AMMC pth
2_219 au-BOM-mel AMMC tvl
2_232 au-BOM-mel AMMC fij
191_1 fr-meteofrance-toulouse LFPW pap
72_249 sg-NEA-sgp WSSS sgp
204_101 nz-NIWA-gpt NZGP mau
204_102 nz-NIWA-gpt NZGP lau
254_20 XX-EUMETSAT-mas EUMS mas
254_30 XX-EUMETSAT-kan EUMS kan
254_40 XX-EUMETSAT-edm EUMS edm
254_60 XX-EUMETSAT-gan EUMS gan
254_70 XX-EUMETSAT-mon EUMS mon
254_80 XX-EUMETSAT-wal EUMS wal
254_90 XX-EUMETSAT-gil EUMS gil
254_100 XX-EUMETSAT-ath EUMS ath
254_120 XX-EUMETSAT-ewa EUMS ewa
254_130 XX-EUMETSAT-mia EUMS mia
254_140 XX-EUMETSAT-lan EUMS lan
254_150 XX-EUMETSAT-sva EUMS sva
254_170 XX-EUMETSAT-std EUMS std
254_180 XX-EUMETSAT-mos EUMS mos
254_190 XX-EUMETSAT-mus EUMS mus
254_200 XX-EUMETSAT-kha EUMS kha
254_210 XX-EUMETSAT-nov EUMS nov
254_211 XX-EUMETSAT-res EUMS res
46_10 br-inpe-cpt SBBR cpt
46_11 br-inpe-cba SBBR cba
46_12 br-inpe-inm SBBR inm
46_13 br-inpe-fcm SBBR fcm
46_15 br-inpe-svm SBBR svm
46_16 br-inpe-nat SBBR nat
46_19 br-inpe-sbl SBBR sbl
147_10 ar-conae-etc SABM etc
147_20 ar-conae-ebm SABM ebm
147_30 ch-conae-ets SABM ets
176_20 us-noaa-ssec KWBC hon
176_21 us-noaa-ssec KWBC gil
176_22 us-noaa-ssec KWBC mad
176_23 us-noaa-ssec KWBC mia
176_24 us-noaa-ssec KWBC may
176_25 us-noaa-ssec KWBC mon
176_26 us-noaa-ssec KWBC gua
176_27 us-noaa-ssec KWBC cor
176_28 us-noaa-ssec KWBC ham
176_29 us-noaa-ssec KWBC new
176_30 us-noaa-ssec KWBC kwa
176_31 us-noaa-ssec KWBC edm
176_32 us-noaa-ssec KWBC pre
176_33 us-noaa-ssec KWBC eas
176_34 us-noaa-ssec KWBC kiy
176_35 us-noaa-ssec KWBC syo
176_36 us-noaa-ssec KWBC asc
176_37 us-noaa-ssec KWBC cho
176_38 us-noaa-ssec KWBC lau
176_39 us-noaa-ssec KWBC ets
176_40 us-noaa-ssec KWBC dha
176_41 us-noaa-ssec KWBC dhk
176_42 us-noaa-ssec KWBC lim
24_10 ZA-SANSA-hbk FAPR hbk
24_20 NE-ACMAD-nim FAPR nim
24_30 GA-AGEOS-lbv FAPR lbv
24_40 KE-ICPAC-nbo FAPR nbo