CDOP2 Monitoring-related Publications

Monitoring-related Publications

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Visiting Scientist reports

TitleAuthor(s)DateDoc ID
An investigation of the impact of the assimilation of M-T SAPHIR data in the Met Office data assimilation systemIndira Rani, William Bell, Amy Doherty, and Stuart Newman
An evaluation of FY-3C satellite data quality at ECMWF and the Met OfficeQifeng Lu, Heather Lawrence, Niels Bormann, Steve English, Katie Lean, Nigel Atkinson, William Bell, Fabien Carminati11/11/2015NWPSAF-EC-VS-027
RTTOV-11 beta testing
Evaluation of FY-3B data and an assessment of passband shifts in AMSU-A and MSU during the period 1978 – 2012Qifeng Lu and William Bell28/03/2012NWPSAF-EC-VS-023

Technical Reports

TitleAuthor(s)DateDoc ID
Meteosat-8 AMVs over the Indian OceanCotton, J
25/01/2017Met Office Satellite Applications Technical Memo 66
NWP SAF AMV monitoring: the 7th Analysis Report (AR7)
Warrick F.
Enhancing the impact of IASI observations through an updated observation error covariance matrix
Bormann, N. and M. Bonavita and R. Dragani and R. Eresmaa and M. Matricardi and T. McNally
2015ECMWF Tech Memo 756
An evaluation of FY3C satellite data quality at ECMWF and the Met Office
Lu, Q., H. Lawrence, N. Bormann, S. English, K. Lean, N. Atkinson, W. Bell, F. Carminati
2015ECMWF Tech. Memo 757
Adjoint-based forecast sensitivity applied to observation error variances tuning
Lupu, C., C. Cardinali and A. P. McNally
2015ECMWF Tech. Memo 753
Options for filling the LEO-GEO AMV Coverage Gap
Warrick F.
Impact of reinstating Meteosat-10 low level AMVs
Cotton, J
22/01/2014Met Office Satellite Applications Technical Memo 12
NWP SAF AMV monitoring: the 6th Analysis Report (AR6)
Cotton, J2014NWPSAF-MO-TR-029
Analysis of MetOp AVHRR Polar AMVs
Warrick F.
2014Met Office Satellite Applications Tech. Memo 21
Initial assessment of the impact of MetOp-B IASI
Cameron J., J. Cotton and R. Marriott
2013Met Office FRTR 579
Assimilating winds from Oceansat-2: impact on Met Office analyses and forecasts.
Cotton, J2013Met Office FRTR 572
Characterising channel center frequencies in AMSU-A and MSU microwave sounding instruments
Lu, Q. and W.Bell
2013ECMWF Technical Memorandum 700
Fifth analysis of the data displayed on the NWP SAF AMV monitoring websiteCotton, J.2012NWP SAF Technical Report 27

Peer-reviewed publications

Smith A., Atkinson N. , Bell W. and Doherty A.An initial assessment of observations from the Suomi-NPP satellite: data from the Cross-track Infrared Sounder (CrIS)Atmospheric Science Letters DOI: 10.1002/asl2.551 20152015
Salonen, K., J. Cotton, N. Bormann and M. ForsytheCharacterising AMV height assignment error by comparing best-fit pressure statistics from the Met Office and ECMWF systemsJournal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, Vol 54, pp 225-2422015
Lupu, C., C. Cardinali and A. P. McNallyAdjoint-based forecast sensitivity applied for tuning observation error variancesSubmitted (and accepted with minor revision) to Q. J. R. Meteorol. Soc.2015
Doherty A., Atkinson N., Bell W., and Smith A.An Assessment of Data from the Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder at the Met OfficeAdvances in Meteorology
Lu, Q. and W. BellCharacterising channel center frequencies in AMSU-A and MSU microwave sounding instrumentsJournal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology. doi:10.1175/JTECH-D-13-00136.1, Vol 31, pp 1713-17322014
Bormann,N . Anne Fouilloux and William BellEvaluation and assimilation of ATMS data in the ECMWF systemJournal of Geophysical Research. doi:10.1002/2013JD020325, Vol 118, pp 12,970-12,9802013
Saunders, R.W, T.A.Blackmore, B.Candy, P.N.Francis and T.J.Hewison.Monitoring Satellite Radiance Biases Using NWP ModelsGeoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions on (Volume:51, Issue: 3)2013