CDOP3 RTTOV-related Publications

RTTOV-related Publications

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Visiting Scientist reports

TitleAuthor(s)DateDoc ID
Updating the CAMEL surface emissivity atlas for RTTOVEva Borbas and Michelle Feltz18/01/2019NSPSAF-MO-VS-058
Inter-comparison of line-by-line radiative transfer models MonoRTM and AMSUTRAN for microwave frequencies from the Top-Of-AtmosphereKaren Cady-Pereira, Emma Turner and Roger Saunders21/11/2018NSPSAF-MO-VS-057

Technical Reports

TitleAuthor(s)DateDoc ID
Sub-millimetre Spectroscopy for AMSUTRAN. Part One: TheTheoretical BasisTurner, E. and Saunders, R.2019
Modeling on nonlocal thermodynamic equilibrium effects in the classical and principal component based version of the RTTOV fast radiative transfer model

M. Matricardi, M. Lopez Pueras and B. Funke2017ECMWF Tech. Memo 812

Peer-reviewed publications

Turner, E., Rayer, P. and Saunders, R.AMSUTRAN: A microwave transmittance code for satellite remote sensingJQSRT Volume 227, April 2019, Pages 117-129,
Aumann, H. H., Chen, X., Fishbein, E., Geer, A., Havemann, S., Huang, X.,  Liuzzi, G., DeSouza‐Machado, S., Manning, E. M., Masiello, G., Matricardi, M., Moradi, I., Natraj, V., Serio, C., Strow, L., Vidot, J., Wilson, R. C., Wu, W., Yang, Q. and Yung Q. L.
Evaluation of radiative transfer models with clouds
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, DOI:10.1029/2017JD028063
Poli, P. and Brunel, P.
Assessing reanalysis quality with early sounders Nimbus-4 IRIS (1970) and Nimbus-6 HIRS (1975)
Advances in Space Research, DOI:10.1016/j.asr.2018.04.022, Vol 62(2), pp 245-264
Saunders, R., Hocking, J., Turner, E., Rayer, P., Rundle, D., Brunel, P., Vidot, J., Roquet, P., Matricardi, M., Geer, A., Bormann, N., and Lupu, C.
An update on the RTTOV fast radiative transfer model (currently at version 12)
"Geosci. Model Dev.", Vol 11, pp 2717-2737
Scheck, L., Mayer, B., Weissmann, M.
Efficient methods to account for cloud top inclination and cloud overlap in synthetic visible satellite images
J. Atmosph. Ocean Tech., Vol 35, pp665-685
Vidot J., Brunel P., Dumont M., Carmagnola C., Hocking J.
The VIS/NIR Land and Snow BRDF Atlas for RTTOV: Comparison between MODIS MCD43C1 C5 and C6. Remote Sens., 10, 21.
Remote Sensing., Vol 10(1)2018
Havemann, S., J.-C.Thelen, J. P.Taylor, and R. C. HarlowThe Havemann-Taylor Fast Radiative Transfer Code (HT-FRTC): A multipurpose code based on principal componentsJournal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer
De Angelis F., Cimini D., Löhnert U., Caumont O., Haefele A., Pospichal B., Martinet P., Navas-Guzmán F., Klein-Baltink H., Dupont J-C, and Hocking J.
Long-term observations minus background monitoring of ground-based brightness temperatures from a microwave radiometer network
Atmos. Meas. Tech.
Kneifel, S., J. D. Neto, D. Ori, D. Moisseev, J. Tyynelӓ, I. S. Adams, K-.S. Kuo, R. Bennartz, A. Berne, E. E. Clothiaux, P. Eriksson, A. J. Geer, R. Honeyager, J. Leinonen, C. D. Westbrook
The First International Summer Snowfall Workshop: Scattering properties of realistic frozen hydrometeors from simulations and observations, as well as defining a new standard for scattering databases