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README file for MSG-1 SEVIRI filter functions

Reference file: EUM-MSG-TEN-06-0010 MSG_SEVIRI_Spectral_Response_Characterisation.XLS
available on the web page
see link:

LinkSpectral responses for Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) (ZIP, 226 KB).
Note: SEVIRI PFM is onboard Meteosat-8, SEVIRI FM2 is onboard Meteosat-9, SEVIRI FM3 is onboard MSG-3,
 and SEVIRI FM4 is onboard MSG-4 (data not yet available).
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1       1/19/2006   -       GEO/GF   First Issue

This file was not used for creating the MSG-1 SRFs, because it was not available at launch, the SRFs
were taken from some similar file. The values are absolutely the same and the above file should
be taken as the reference.

The IR channels spectral response function are taken from the 95K instrument temperature

Excel sheets are converted to ASCII text files
Wavelenghts are converted to wavenumbers
All original values are kept.

Download all SRFs: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf.tar.gz

Channel 01
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 15640.665 cm-1 / 0.639 microns
Comment: 1 ,Model PFM Channel VIS 0.6 EUM-MSG-TEN-06-0010 MSG_SEVIRI_Spectral_Response_Characterisation.XLS
SRF data: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch01.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch01.png
Channel 02
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 12362.879 cm-1 / 0.809 microns
Comment: 2 ,Model PFM Channel VIS 0.8 EUM-MSG-TEN-06-0010 MSG_SEVIRI_Spectral_Response_Characterisation.XLS
SRF data: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch02.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch02.png
Channel 03
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 6120.346 cm-1 / 1.634 microns
Comment: 3 ,Model PFM Channel NIR 1.6 EUM-MSG-TEN-06-0010 MSG_SEVIRI_Spectral_Response_Characterisation.XLS
SRF data: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch03.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch03.png
Channel 04
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 2555.728 cm-1 / 3.913 microns
Comment: 1 , msg_01_seviri_01.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch04.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch04.png
Channel 05
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 1588.790 cm-1 / 6.294 microns
Comment: 2 , msg_01_seviri_02.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch05.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch05.png
Channel 06
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 1359.930 cm-1 / 7.353 microns
Comment: 3 , msg_01_seviri_03.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch06.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch06.png
Channel 07
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 1148.277 cm-1 / 8.709 microns
Comment: 4 , msg_01_seviri_04.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch07.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch07.png
Channel 08
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 1034.048 cm-1 / 9.671 microns
Comment: 5 , msg_01_seviri_05.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch08.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch08.png
Channel 09
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 927.757 cm-1 / 10.779 microns
Comment: 6 , msg_01_seviri_06.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch09.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch09.png
Channel 10
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 837.822 cm-1 / 11.936 microns
Comment: 7 , msg_01_seviri_07.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch10.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch10.png
Channel 11
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 749.696 cm-1 / 13.339 microns
Comment: 8 , msg_01_seviri_08.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch11.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch11.png
Channel 12
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 14781.125 cm-1 / 0.677 microns
Comment: 12 ,Model PFM Channel HRV EUM-MSG-TEN-06-0010 MSG_SEVIRI_Spectral_Response_Characterisation.XLS TRUNCATED AT 25500cm-1
SRF data: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch12.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_msg_1_seviri_srf_ch12.png