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README file for INSAT-3D imager instrument
January 2016

Original filter files under directory INSAT3D_IMAGER_11Jul2014 are named:

SRF is expressed as function of wavelenght with a maximum response value of 1.00

Reference document for spectral response functions is:
On Jan 18th, 2016 the valid link is:

Some information on INSAT-3D satellite, instruments and products can be available in document:

RTTOV ID for INSAT-3x platform is 40
RTTOV satellite number INSAT-3D 4
RTTOV ID for imager sensor is 38

RTTOV convention for INSAT-3D/Imager instrument name is insat3_4_imager

IMAGER instrument:
6 channels
  1 Visible channel (0.55-0.75mu)
  2 Shortwave Infared (1.55-1.70mu)
  3 Medium Wave Infared (3.8-4.0mu)
  4 Water Vapor (6.5-7.1mu)
  5 Long Wave Infared Window (TIR-1) (10.3-11.3mu)
  6 Long Wave Infared Window (TIR-2) (11.5-12.5mu)

Download all SRFs: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf.tar.gz

Channel 01
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 15448.731 cm-1 / 0.647 microns
Comment: 1, INSAT-3D Imager Visible channel (0.55-0.75mu)
SRF data: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf_ch01.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf_ch01.png
Channel 02
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 6217.421 cm-1 / 1.608 microns
Comment: 2, INSAT-3D Imager Shortwave Infared (1.55-1.70mu)
SRF data: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf_ch02.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf_ch02.png
Channel 03
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 2548.401 cm-1 / 3.924 microns
Comment: 3, INSAT-3D Imager Medium Wave Infared (3.8-4.0mu)
SRF data: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf_ch03.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf_ch03.png
Channel 04
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 1454.380 cm-1 / 6.876 microns
Comment: 4, INSAT-3D Imager Water Vapor (6.5-7.1mu)
SRF data: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf_ch04.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf_ch04.png
Channel 05
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 925.084 cm-1 / 10.810 microns
Comment: 5, INSAT-3D Imager Long Wave Infared Window (TIR-1) (10.3-11.3mu)
SRF data: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf_ch05.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf_ch05.png
Channel 06
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 837.366 cm-1 / 11.942 microns
Comment: 6, INSAT-3D Imager Long Wave Infared Window (TIR-2) (11.5-12.5mu)
SRF data: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf_ch06.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_insat3_4_imager_srf_ch06.png