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README file for GOES 10 Imager filter response
December 17th 1999

Files were given by e-mail by Dejiang Han
through Mike Weinreb (
Now (2012) exactly same SRFs are available at:

Channel order is in decreasing wavenumbers

For each channel, first compute SRF integral for each detector and
  use it as a weight for doing the average of detectors/sides.
  Then normalise to maximum SRF of 1.0

Download all SRFs: rtcoef_goes_10_imager_srf.tar.gz

Channel 01
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 2553.921 cm-1 / 3.916 microns
Comment: 01 , goes_10_imager_02.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_goes_10_imager_srf_ch01.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_goes_10_imager_srf_ch01.png
Channel 02
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 1486.079 cm-1 / 6.729 microns
Comment: 02 , goes_10_imager_03.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_goes_10_imager_srf_ch02.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_goes_10_imager_srf_ch02.png
Channel 03
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 936.239 cm-1 / 10.681 microns
Comment: 03 , goes_10_imager_04.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_goes_10_imager_srf_ch03.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_goes_10_imager_srf_ch03.png
Channel 04
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 830.740 cm-1 / 12.037 microns
Comment: 04 , goes_10_imager_05.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_goes_10_imager_srf_ch04.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_goes_10_imager_srf_ch04.png