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README file for GMS 5 VISSR imager filter response
Last update March 1st 2017

SRF available at:

README file for GMS_IMAGER filter response
Last update March 25th 2011

SRFs are available at:

Water Vapour channel 3 is corrected according to JM Breon paper in JAOT 1999:


   Evidence of Atmospheric Contamination on the Measurement of the Spectral Response
   of the GMS-5 Water Vapor Channel

   Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
   Climate Diagnostic Center, NOAA/ERL, Boulder, Colorado


   The GMS-5 geostationary satellite carries a channel centered at 6.7 mm for the measurement of uppertropospheric
   humidity. This channel’s spectral response shows structures that are similar to those shown by the
   atmospheric transmission. This note shows that these structures probably result from water vapor absorption
   between the calibration source and the instrument while making the response measurement. A corrected filter
   is proposed after normalization by the inferred atmospheric transmission. The brightness temperatures computed
   by a radiative transfer model using the spurious response exhibit a warm bias of about 1 K.

Download all SRFs: rtcoef_gms_5_imager_srf.tar.gz

Channel 01
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 925.317 cm-1 / 10.807 microns
Comment: 1 ,gms_05_imager_01.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_gms_5_imager_srf_ch01.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_gms_5_imager_srf_ch01.png
Channel 02
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 869.563 cm-1 / 11.500 microns
Comment: 2 ,gms_05_imager_02.flt
SRF data: rtcoef_gms_5_imager_srf_ch02.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_gms_5_imager_srf_ch02.png
Channel 03
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 1444.880 cm-1 / 6.921 microns
Comment: 3 ,GMS-5 channel 3 SRF corrected following Breon's paper JAOT n
SRF data: rtcoef_gms_5_imager_srf_ch03.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_gms_5_imager_srf_ch03.png
Channel 04
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 15008.474 cm-1 / 0.666 microns
Comment: 4, GMS 5 VISSR Visible channel
SRF data: rtcoef_gms_5_imager_srf_ch04.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_gms_5_imager_srf_ch04.png