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README file for FY1-C MVISR filter functions
May 2001

SRFs provided by Ma Gang email dated 28 Apr 2001
filename is Fy1c.f

Before calculation for band correction coefficients being done, the points
 with zero value to all channels are removed by Fy1c.f.
For channel 3, we cut off all the points which have wavenumber larger
 than 3000 cm-1 to match the database from GENLN2.This is done by Fy1c.f.

Download all SRFs: rtcoef_fy1_3_mvisr_srf.tar.gz

Channel 01
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 2691.460 cm-1 / 3.715 microns
Comment: 3 ,channel
SRF data: rtcoef_fy1_3_mvisr_srf_ch01.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_fy1_3_mvisr_srf_ch01.png
Channel 02
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 912.074 cm-1 / 10.964 microns
Comment: 4 ,channel
SRF data: rtcoef_fy1_3_mvisr_srf_ch02.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_fy1_3_mvisr_srf_ch02.png
Channel 03
Central wavenumber/wavelength: 829.868 cm-1 / 12.050 microns
Comment: 5 ,channel
SRF data: rtcoef_fy1_3_mvisr_srf_ch03.txt
SRF plot: rtcoef_fy1_3_mvisr_srf_ch03.png